Our planet provides tremendous resources that make it possible for us to produce and power our products and packaging. Trees, sunlight and wind aren’t just valuable, they can be sustainable if we take proper consideration of the environmental impact. To help ensure that future generations have access to the same resources we need to make smart choices.


We believe the time to considers environmental impact is at the beginning of the design stage.   Studying ways to create products that use less material and last longer helps us make better choices.  We are all aware that the planet has limited resources so we want make sure that our manufacturing processes respect the earth.  Kikusumi products are made safely and are built to last longer so that one is not replacing them in an ever faster cycle.  It is one of the reasons we choose natural materials that score well for durability and can be maintained longer.  We try to minimize the impact our company and our products have on the environment.  It is a dynamic process and one in which we want to keep our customers informed on what we’re doing.  


Accountability and improvement — for our suppliers and for ourselves — are among our core objectives.  To encourage compliance we partner with suppliers that are willing to help drive postive change in our world.  And then we work to raise the bar even higher with each new product and design.


We try to choose suppliers that are committed to protecting their workers’ rights to a fair wage and acceptable workweek.  Wherever they are located worker safety is an important value at Kikusumi.  We are actively involved in encouraging positive actions that protect and nurture the health of workers.