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Kikusumi knives and its founder Del Cook in the recent issue of magazine [December 2019]

Kikusumi knives and its founder Del Cook have appeared in the recent  issue of magazine [December 2019] here in Japan.  The feature article is about Ms. Uera, a succesful businesswoman whose residence provides the backdrop for the interview.  For the interview, a lunch of roasted Nagano jidori (free range [...]

Kikusumi Knives + Autumn Dessert Festival

Mont Blanc Dessert + Kikusumi Chef Knife One of the all-time great desserts of Autumn is the Mont Blanc.  Chestnuts – or Marron in French – can be sourced from 7 growing areas across the world.  The chestnut are unique in the food world for they grow within a prickly [...]

15 Recipes Inspired by Cooking Across Japan

15 RECIPES: Inspired by Cooking Across Japan 15 Recipes Inspired by Cooking Across Japan is an introduction to the forthcoming series of books by Del Cook. The book offers multiple recipes covering several cooking methods that gives a glimpse into an approach to cooking that elevates both flavors and textures while at the same time [...]

What the Evolution of Knife Design Means Today

L ooking back in time is a great way to gain perspective on the evolution of knife design and reconsider how best to approach it going forward.  The primary focus of this essay will be on the kitchen knife although a general overview of the history of all knife types will be included.  The [...]

How Kikusumi Designed the Best Kitchen Knife Set

When we set about creating the best kitchen knife set our team at Kikusumi talked to both casual and professional users in Japan and the USA to get a sense of what mattered most.  We also conducted a study of knife sets being sold both today and in the past across the globe.  Our research suggested that 3 sizes of [...]

How Kikusumi Designed the Best Bread Knife

When we set about researching the best bread knife design the team at Kikusumi surveyed both casual and professional users to get a sense of what details mattered most. We also studied many of the bread knives being sold today and in the past, all across the globe.  Important details to consider included [...]

What is a Bread Knife and Why Every Kitchen Needs One

A bread knife is a specialty knife designed to cut through the bread crust without compressing its soft interior in the process.  The key design point is the frequency and width of the serrations.  In some cases there is a straight blade section on either end of the bread knife with [...]

What is a Chef Knife ?

The most versatile knife for a cook to own is unquestionably what is known in the west as the chef knife .  It can be used for jobs of all sizes including cutting, slicing, chopping, and mincing.  The blade has a long flowing curve that allows it to slide effortlessly through vegetables, fruit or [...]

What is a Santoku Knife and What Makes it Ideal for any Kitchen?

What is a Santoku knife?” might be difficult to answer for most Americans and Europeans to answer.  The word santoku means “three virtues” and refers to the three types of cuts at which it excels—slicing, dicing, and chopping. For Japanese cooks a Santoku knife is the equivalent of the chef knife for the Western cook. Multiple oval indentations [...]