KIKUSUMI Kiso Valley Hinoki Wood Cutting Board – Use as Bread Cheese Charcuterie Chopping Serving Board – Octagon


The Kiso Hinoki is said to have a finer grain compared to other Hinoki of other producing districts. Growing conditions such as the severe cold of winter in the Kiso area in Nagano Prefecture, the large amount of rain, and the severity of the slope of the mountain, which grows for years longer than Hinokis in other regions contributes to its quality. As it grows slowly over a long time, the grain becomes finer and of better quality, increasing the value of the wood. Hinoki wood has been highly valued as a building material in traditional Japanese shrine architecture since the eighteenth century.
Hinoki wood oil is extracted from the wood waste of matured hinoki trees through water vapor distillation. This natural wood oil has strong insect-repellent and deodorizing properties. It is characterised by a cedar-like aroma which has a naturally calming effect.

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