Kikusumi knives and its founder Del Cook have appeared in the recent  issue of magazine [December 2019] here in Japan.  The feature article is about Ms. Uera, a succesful businesswoman whose residence provides the backdrop for the interview.  For the interview, a lunch of roasted Nagano jidori (free range chicken) was prepared using Kikusumi KATURA knives for the small group of musician and designer friends of Ms. Uera 

Kitchen counter has an elliptical image resembling that of an old house in Kyoto, such as” Kokudo-san (Kamado).  It was created by master plaster craftsman Naoki Kusumi. The plastered kitchen counter looks and feels better than you can imagine. 

Kikusumi KATURA knives with rosewood handles can be seen hanging in the kitchen along a tree branch magnetic knife holder.  “The idea of ​​putting the kitchen knives on the wall came was sparked by Del.  It’s a bold idea.  At night, when you look across the room, the counter is like seeing a large stone and that creates calm feelings like those of meditation.” 

If you visit Kyoto be sure to checkout Ms. Uera’s warm & charming restaurant Farmoon Kyoto helmed by artist-turned-chef Masayo Funakoshi..


2019年改装したキッチン。左官造りのカウンターでは、各人が自由に料理を。植良さんの愛犬ララほか、集合住宅住人の愛犬ゴン(手前)も、ほぼ毎日(?)植良邸を訪れているとか。食器など、キッチン収納の施工は「ワン クラフト」。

PHOTO : 長谷川 潤 

EDIT&WRITING : 田中美保、古里典子(Precious)

Kitchen Counter

Plaster Craftsman   Noaki Kusumi

Kitchen Knives

Kikusumi KATURA knives with rosewood handles

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Read the full article in Japanese here:

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